Morgan teases a limited edition GT as the Aero's swansong

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The Morgan Aero 8 is about as alternative as a performance car can get. After its launch in 2001, the British brute has been tweaked aesthetically here and there, but the the retro styling has kept to Morgan's general remit the entire time. Finally, Morgan has declared that a replacement is soon to make its way out of the Malvern factory gates, therefore eight limited edition Aero GTs will be released to honour the company's halo car.

One of the main reasons for a refresh is the fact that BMW V8 that has been used throughout the Aero's life is no longer in production, forcing a rethink for the handmade sportscar's powertrain in its next generation.

The eight Aero GT cars are all accounted for and are touted to be the "most extreme roadgoing models to date". This is thanks to every panel on the car being tweaked by hand, with the aim being to reduce drag and increase the amount of downforce the car creates. These modifications are linked to Morgan's GT3 racing programmes, with a large rear diffuser being the headline aerodynamic change.

Porsche GT3 RS-style wheel arch louvres are also present which fit nicely into the Aero's ethos of pushing Morgan into the current performance car world. And with the reveal due at the Geneva Motor Show in March, we'll hopefully see a bit more of this V8 beast before the curtains are lifted entirely.

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