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The Great British cars over the years included The great jaguar e-type named the most beautiful car in history! the Rolls Royce Phantom from 1925-1931. The DB9 from Aston martin. Let's not forget the mini and the lotus's named the roads safest car at one point. The MGB Roadster as well. It now seem's though it's all come to a terrible ending. The only British car company left is Morgan.

This is Morgan's newest 2018 Aero GT Morgans latest. It was announced at the Geneva Motor show as there latest spark to the Morgan production line. This car will be derived from a BMW.

The powerful 4.8 litre V8 sends 367 BHP through a six speed manual gear box. no futuristic sorcery from Morgan then! This will produce a rubber burning 170MPH, It also boasts a 0-60 time of 4.5 seconds. Which in a car like this will feel like a thousand. The engine after this 8 car production will be the last engine used both by Morgan the creator of it BMW as the engine is no longer in production over at Munich. The eight cars are said to be already sold to there eight customers.

The last of the Morgan Aero's 17 year Production.

Each car has been tailored to each owner and there liking's. With bespoke requested by the customer additions. This is all apart of Morgan's hand crafted approach. This also marks the last of the Morgan Aero. After 17 years production at Morgan's production site in Malvern, Worcestershire in the UK.

Each and every panel of the bodywork is handcrafted, Hand shaped by Morgan's Skilled metal workers. It features a "Drastic" Rear diffuser

the whole car is race inspired and will be expected to be fully unveiled at the 2018 Geneva Motor show in March 2018... So get the diary's out for then.

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