Bavaria's iconic cross-country executive shuttle of the 1980s.

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As far as old-school BMW goes, their coupes and roadsters have always stood strong as true forces of Bavarian luxury and performance. From the legendary 507, to the sensually sleek Z8, and even more recently with the 23rd-century i8, BMW has always put special care into its two-door offerings, and none have shone more than their grand tourers.

The iconography of the BMW gran tourer harkens back to the Neue Klasse coupes of the 1960s, but their peak form did not arrive until 20 years later with the legendary "shark nose" E24 chassis, the first to be officially dubbed the 6 Series by the firm. The E24 boasted a legendary shape, penned by iconic BMW designer Paul Bracq, with sleek lines that echo the trends of the 1980s, but with unique German flair.

The 635CSi was the top dog of the E24, featuring an uprated M30 straight-6 engine, capable of anywhere from 194 to 217 bhp, which were respectable numbers for the time, shuttling the car to 60 mph in just around 6 seconds flat. Only more power could be found in the M-tuned versions, featuring a more powerful M88 engine in early years, with 282 bhp, and later an S38 engine with 256 bhp respectively. On the outside, the 635CSi bears little difference from the standard 6 Series, making it a true sleeper in every sense of the word, apart from the nifty ducktail spoiler it shares with the M variant.

This particular version looks stellar with the athletic style 5 wheels and a body finished in Alpine White. A quick glance at the neat-looking twin-pipes around back makes one hear the raspy 6 cylinder roar to life even at a dead stop. Nearly every aspect was painstakingly perfected by the boys back at BMW, making it easily one of the best creations to ever roll out of Munich.

The E24 635CSi is a machine that has stood the test of time, and like most other German machines of the era, are quickly climbing in value. One glimpse at its athletic lines and the famous shark nose front clip, and it's easy to imagine climbing speeds down the Autobahn as you try to make it to your next appointment. I'd like to thank Minichamps and Kyosho for bringing us this spectacular 1/43 635CSi, and my job for giving me two days off in a row to finally get the time and motivation to put together a post on here!

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  • Had an e24 M6. 87. Loved that car. Divorce forced sale. That was a rough day.

    This casting looks amazing. Now I'm in the market for one of these. Royal blue?

      2 months ago
  • You thank everyone but the one who sold you his personal E24. I’ll be sure to ask Mr. Varbanano to let you know when it’s your turn.

      2 months ago
    • Sorry, I’ll let Hermann know next time I see him.

        2 months ago
  • Love that E24!!

      2 months ago