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    It's been a while since we've had a decent race rep on the site, so to make up for it here's an absolute stunning one.

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    Race replicas have been around for decades now. From Repsol Hondas to Pepsi Suzukis, they’ve largely been a marketing gimmick to boost sales. Of course they’re not all show and no go; some manufacturers have commissioned special editions to add a little race to the replica. From the mild Phil Read TT Formula One Honda CB750s to the wild Ducati Desmosedici RR, it allows weekend warriors to imitate their heroes. The problem is the Seeley built Honda was barely faster than a stocker and the Desmo is so nuts it’s best suited to the track and an absolute pig on the road. So could this be the best race replica ever built, finally striking the right balance? DNA Custom Cycles’ Moriwaki ‘91 Kawasaki Zephyr has the go, the show and will hammer down Gardner Straight while still be being a pleasure on the street.

    “I had always liked the endurance racer look so I went down that path with the full rebuild. Like an 80’s Z1 piloted by Wayne Gardner crossed with a Bol ‘dOr or Le Mans endurance racer. I wanted it to be roadworthy and legal, so this pushed me into a lot of research for parts,” says Bryan Kidd, the bike’s owner.

    But first Bryan would need a base for the build and it was the 1991 Kawasaki Zephyr 750 he’d owned for five years. Having first bought it in full sheepskin seat cover and luggage rack spec for $500. It then underwent a transformation into rat cafe machine, but when a few things needed upgrading all hell broke loose.

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