- Hero image from Hemmings Motor News Video from YouTube Text, art and errors by: Chris Breeden

Something with two wheels today!

Above: That dude is smiling from ear to ear! Below: Check out this Vincent Black Shadow!

Below: Enjoy this Vincent song, performed in a cave about 10 miles from my house.

GOOD MORNING! Have a great day and don't forget...

Art by: Chris Breeden

Thanks for watchin'!

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Comments (3)
  • Very nice, extremely good sounding bikes! Classic is always the way to go! Too bad their #s will never increase. If you have one, you are one of the lucky ones!

    7 days ago
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  • Personally, I think everyone could have stopped building bikes when Vincent started. They are just so perfectly proportioned. And that noise! Amazing bikes!

    8 days ago
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