- Hero image by: Chris Breeden Video from: YouTube. Text, art and errors by: Chris Breeden

The Corvair is a strange car, strange for the US anyway. Check out that sound!

That was... different!

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Art: Chris Breeden

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  • The 2nd gen Corvairs were pretty amazing, a little too ahead of their time in some ways. It was little things like trying to fit in AC and a conventional heater to GM's only successful air cooled engine. What I thought was also interesting was the cooling fan was on top of the engine, cooling all 6 cylinders.

    21 days ago
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    • I never thought about the heater, but that's a good point, Ken!

      21 days ago
    • The heater was gas fired, up front, and an independent unit. It's not all that unusual. Things got complicated with AC. You could have AC or a turbo, but not both.

      Al things...

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      21 days ago
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  • I have to get a look at one of those Corvairs - I think they are just about quirky enough for me!

    22 days ago
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