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Morning RPMs!

When this little engine came around, everyone was skeptical. Then one would leave them setting at a redlight in total confusion. This was a little glimmer of speed in an otherwise depressing time for horsepower in the US.

That was different! Have a great day!

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Art: Chris Breeden

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  • I dig that sound, especially when its driving off, its got a nice tone to it. I'm weird like that, so what?

    1 month ago
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  • It's a clever design when you look closely. A twin turbo allowed the turbos to be close to the exhaust manifolds for quick spin-up. A single turbo would have been further downstream and had a lot of "plumbing". Each turbo has it's own throttle body upstream. It's a "draw through" system. Except for the mechanical linkage it's simple and effective.

    1 month ago
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