- Hero Image from the Cadillac media website. Video from YouTube. Text, art and errors by: Chris Breeden

Morning RPMs!

Cadillacs CTS V is far from the barges the company has historically made. The excellent handling and not bad looking car packs some serious horsepower and can be made to sound as angry as you'd like. Check out this promotional video from an aftermarket exhaust manufacture. Skip ahead to the :38 mark to hear that goodness!

Driving Miss Daisy, I think not!

Have a great day gearheads! Don't forget...

Art by: Chris Breeden

Thanks for watchin'!

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Comments (7)
  • Why couldn;t they have made them look good? Caddy's need FINS!

    13 days ago
    2 Bumps
  • That's a nice growl!

    13 days ago
    2 Bumps


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