- Hero image from: Hemmings Motor News. Video from YouTube. Text, art and errors by: Chris Breeden

Morning RPMs!

Introduced in 1961, the 409 cubic inch Chevy engine was used in the Impala SS lineup. For four glorious model years these torque monsters owned the streets. In 1965, the 409 was replaced by the easier spinning 396. Enjoy this!

Good Morning, car lovers! Have a great day and remember...

Art: Chris Breeden

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  • Yeah, that 409 sounds fantastic! But how am I going to get that darned Beach Boys tune out of my mind now?

    1 month ago
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    • LOL! You can't get them out of your head. You'll just have to deal with it or, listen to 5 or 6 other Beach Boys songs and they'll start to blend together.

      1 month ago


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