- Nissan Skyline R34

Morning with the R34

1w ago


Lets just say this is an amazing piece of art without a crazy tunning,this is en example of pure Japan Spec GTR R34.

Cornering in this thing for me is the highlight,its amazing how this AWD system can adapt in the roads with no lack of traction doing some...legal miles per hours on the road.Honestly neck its still on sock!!!

The next thing is how amazing the details of gtr are,many jdm car got no so interesting details on them,but this one has some amazing details and the design is amazing simple but complicated at the same time so many things to explore and see.No the last one its the SPEED........

GTR R34 bu Wye Motors

GTR R34 bu Wye Motors

The spead is amazing its fast not modern fast but....the tech behind it for the time i think is pretty spectacular and the packge of sound with the sound and the amazing seats ....its just an insane expirience that can make you feel at home but at the same time....scary as hell!!


Many thank to Wye Motor and Hazzard Retros making this review and photoshoot happend!

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