MoRTH extends validity of fee payment

Ministry of Road Transport & Highways validity of fee payment and extension of time period for paying fees under rule 32 and 81 of Central MVA 1989

50w ago

A relief like a whiff of cool breeze on a hot summer day! All those who faced difficulties paying any fees related to RTO, this is especially for those people. Ministry of Road Transport & Highways has announced the extension of the deadline for payment of said fees. Keep scrolling for details.

According to the guidelines issued by Ministry of Home Affairs on March 24, 2020 and changes regarding the lock-down imposed due to outbreak of Coronavirus/COVID-19 Ministry of Road Transport & Highways had issued an advisory on March 30, 2020 about the extension of validity of documents related to Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989. It stated that the documents whose validity extension could not be granted due to lock-down that have expired since February 1 or will expire till June 30 will be treated as valid, till June 30 by the authorities. Fair enough.

The Government has also acknowledged the difficulties faced by citizens concerning various fees and/or late fees as mandated under rule 32 and 81 of Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989 due to imposition of nationwide lock-down and closure of Government Transport Offices. Cases have been reported where fees have already been paid, for the service or renewal, but the process could not be completed due to lock-down. There have also been issues where citizens have encountered difficulties to deposit fees due to RTO offices remaining closed.

To provide an additional facility provided to citizens during the nationwide lock-down, MoRTH has issued a statutory which states that the fees paid on or after February 1 for any activity including renewal and in case such activities are not completed due to the current situation of the pandemic, any fees paid shall continue to remain valid. Also, no late penalty will be charged if there is a delay in the payment of fees from February 1 to July 31, 2020.

What a relief! I respect the MoRTH for allowing a tiny bit of relaxation in fee payments to the citizens. I feel this will cheer the affected people during these tough times, even if it is just a little bit. But, we also have to keep in mind not to take these relaxations and the Ministry over these relaxations. We all know some people will.

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