Moskvich race cars - Part 1 - G1

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Moskvich G1 - Soviet RWD singleseater race car, made by MZMA in 1955 in one example.

It was called MZMA-1, the G1 name was made popular later, in literature.

Made using both production and experimental parts. Chassis was a ladder frame out of steel tubes with a diameter of 38mm on which a body made of aluminium sheets on a tube frame was installed, the aluminium body had a frontal area of 0,65m^2

Front and rear suspension was practically unchanged from the production model M-401.

The rear dependent suspension meant the gearbox had to have a driveshaft connecting it to the rear axle(to allow travel, a transaxle wasn't an option). Because of this the driver's seat was moved forward, which led to an increase of the wheelbase(2,4m)

At first the front suspension was dependent, but in 1959 it was redesigned and became independent.

Brake system was taken from the M-401, but was redesigned into a 2-circle(front and rear)

Steering was also M-401 but with a quick-change steering wheel.

G1 1955

At first the G1 had a tuned experimental OHV engine "Moskvich-405" made in 1954 under leadership from Igor Ivanovich Okunev. It had an aluminium engine block, very short push rods, camshaft drive with a double row chain and oversquare design.

The standard carburettor was changed for a block of 4 motorcycle carbs, instead of an exhaust manifold it had 4 straight pipes. The modifications resulted in an increase in power from the stock 40hp to 70hp.

In 1956 it got a new aerodynamic body with covered wheels and the engine was tuned which resulted in a 5hp increase. With that it became almost identical to the earlier G2.

It remained like that until 1959 when the engine was changed for the M-407(1358cc) with increased compression. A safety arc was installed above the driver.

Because the closed wheel body wasn't suited for circuit racing, it got replaced by an open-wheel body similar to the the earlier one in 1960. In that year the front and rear suspension, the gearbox and brake system were replaced by M-407 items, smaller diameter wheels were also installed.

Modernized in that way, the G1 competed until 1963. In 1962, E. Vertov won silver in the USSR championship.

At the end of 1963 the G1 was decomissioned and there are no surviving examples.

Technical characteristics



dry - 585kg

ready - 650kg

Top speed - 200km\h



inline 4 cylinder, 4 stroke


BoreхStroke - 72mmх67mm


Compression ratio - 7,8:1

HP - 70hp @ 5500rpm

Carbs - 4 carburetors

Gears - 4


Length/Width/Height - 4300/1340/1012

Front/Rear track - 1220/1168


Wheelbase - 2440

Brakes (F/R) - Drum/Drum

Front/Rear tyres - 5"-16"/5"-16"

Front/Rear suspension - dependent/dependent

Fuel tank - 120L

1956(changes only):

Weight(dry/ready) - 595kg/660kg

Compression ratio - 8,8:1

HP - 75HP @ 5600rpm

Front suspension - independent, Dubonnet type

1959(changes only)

Weight - 720kg

Top Speed - 190km\h


Moskvich 407

BoreхStroke - 76mmх75mm


HP - 70HP @ 4800rpm

Carburettor - 4x Lenkraz K-28

1960(changes only)

Weight - 710kg

Top Speed - 180km\h

Front suspension - independent, coil

Tyres (F/R) - 5,60-15"/5,60-15"

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