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It has been a long time since I did a Most Beautiful Cars article (little over four years to be precise). The first chapter was about old school front engined rear wheel drive cars and the second about mid/rear engined sportscars/supercars. See the links below. I wanted Chapter 3 to be completely different and therefore I went with vintage pick-up trucks (pre 1960). I am gonna pick 5 trucks that hot rodders love to build. Utes like Rancheros or El-Camino's will not be in this article. I am also gonna lie a little bit since I think all 5 should be Fords, I'm gonna try and give credit to other manufacturers. I tribute this post to Brandy Banken who is the original creator the Pickup & Truck Spotting tribe now run by John MacD. Please join that tribe too.

1. 55-59 Chevy Apache

The Chevy Apache is not only a gorgeous truck, it has an awesome name. Even though I think it copied the look of the 53-56 Ford trucks, it was a stunner with three different grille designs over 5 years. My father had a 57 with a one-piece fiberglass nose, fiberglass fenders and quarters which needed to be finished but he sold it. That could have been a show winner.

2. 37 Dodge

This is the oldest truck on the list, but shes aged like fine wine. There are very few pretty vintage Mopar trucks (in my opinion). The 37 dodge is extremely elegant and lends itself to be rodded. Two tone paint jobs work especially well on this truck.

3. 53-56 Ford F100 (Effie / Fatboy, I call it the Bulldog shape F100)

Welcome to the prettiest damn bakkie ever. The Apache stole its look, but a copycat will never beat an original. Chip Foose's team stole his 56 (the black one in the pics) and redid it on Overhaulin without him knowing about it and that is one of the sexiest custom trucks in the world.

4. 49-59 Studebaker

Even though the grille and wheelbase changed over the years, the shape of the cab and bed stayed basically identical for ten years. These are very popular in South Africa, but my people almost always seem to ruin them. They always chop the roof (not necessary a bad thing) and when it comes to doing the new windows, the angling and sizing of the windows always look wrong or just plain ugly. All this truck needs is a set of wheels and a 3-4 inch drop. Sometimes simplicity is key.

5. 48-50 F1

Last but definitely not least, the F1 Ford. It has a menacing front end that gives it an aggressive look. The nostrils in the bonnet is also way ahead of its time and makes it instantly recognizable.

Honourable Mentions

1. 48-54 Chev

2. 46-47 Ford jailbar

3. 48 Dodge

Please bump and comment what you think of my choices. Which is your favourite, do you have other mentions?

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