Most beautiful f1 liveries to race 2000-2021

The best of f1 through the years

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Jaguar r1 2000

The Jaguar R1 is the car with which the jaguar racing f1 team competed in the 2000 f1 season, and the first Jaguar-badged car after ford purchased the stewart team the previous year.

The beautiful green with the white jaguar and the dull gold wheels just looks gorgeous.

5- Redbull Japanese special livery Turkey

The beautiful white livery was designed for the Japanese Grand prix which was cancelled, they raced it in turkey instead. It was a tribute to the departure of Honda from the sport.

The livery was based upon gunther ritchie's Honda in the 1950 Mexican gp, the classic Japanese flag colours white and the rising sun red , the Japanese letters on the side simply read arigato- thankyou.

The iconic redbull design goes very well with the white And looks very fresh!

4-Mclaren Gulf special livery Monaco

Anyone with seconds worth of motorsport exposure would recognize this . McLaren Racing and strategic partner, Gulf Oil International, unveiled the special livery celebrating their historic partnership with a one-off iconic design for the 2021 Monaco Grand Prix on . one of the most recognisable and admired motorsport liveries of all time.both MCL35M race cars were wrapped in that special orange and blue.

It was McLaren’s tribute to Gulf partnership that began in the days of team founder Bruce McLaren.

3 - Renault r 26 2006

The Renault everyone remembers! The classic mild seven light blue with the bright Renault yellow. The r26 in which Fernando Alonso won his championship

2- lotus f1 team 2012

the lotus f1 cars were draped in basically jps colours from team Lotus, A fantastic black with solid gold designs and silhouettes, all the sponsors names and logos were in the same gold- no special colours nothing except hints of red on either sides of the front and back wing and two other components. It was driven by kimi Räikkönen and Roman Grosjean

1- Alfa Romeo -Orlen -sauber f1 - special heritage livery Monza

This is as beautiful as it gets. This can not be beaten. The absolute beauty of the design is mesmerizing in another level.

It was created by the Centro Stile Alfa Romeo – the in-house design department at Alfa Romeo . It was A creative tribute on the car. To celebrate the occasion of winning the first title in F1 history with Nino Farina in 1950 to that day, an unbreakable bond exists between the Alfa Romeo marque and the Monza circuit.

The Autodromo Nazionale di Monza is the track where, on September 3rd, 1950, Alfa Romeo won the first title in Formula 1 history, in the Alfetta 158 with Nino Farina at the wheel.

To celebrate the Italian Grand Prix, the Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN C41s raced on the track The star of the show is the logo, celebrating the brand’s 111-year history, its colours revisited to recall those of the Italian flag.

The upper part of the engine cover has been turned ‘Quadrifoglio’ green, to complement the customary red and white of the regular livery. The reinterpretation of the colours makes the Italian flag the dominant theme of the livery.

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  • Nice choices for that 21 year period. To me, the best F1 livery of all time is the 1970’s Lotus JPS black and gold masterpiece.

      7 days ago