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Most Desired Car Brands by Countries. Toyota wins, again.

According to Google Searches

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Using Google Keyword Explorer Tool, some guys at Veygo have compiled a map of the most searched car brands by each country, and it's clear to see: most countries in the World like Toyota.

The map doesn't necessarily correlate with the best selling brands for each country, because as you can see, VW is barely on the list.

Credits: Veygo

Credits: Veygo

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No no, this is more of a CarGeist of a country, to show what is on your nation's mind, be it for purchase, repair parts, or just your phone's wallpaper - these are the brands that captured most interest in each country.

Here are some interesting results:

• Toyota dominates the map, as the most searched brand in 57 out of 171 countries, leaving behind the BMW (25) and Mercedes-Benz (23). When looked at globally, Toyota still leads with the most searches per month (7.8 million), followed by Honda (7m) and Ford (6.4m).

• Most countries are searching for cars that are on their buyers' radar, but 12 countries clearly stand apart by showing the most interest in Lamborghini. Some of those countries are Venezuela, Cuba, Sri Lanka and none of them is Monaco. I guess Lamborghini is still the poster boy to beat.

• Seven nations are ready to move on with the times and embrace the inevitable future of electric vehicles, with Tesla as their most searched brand (including Norway, the Netherlands and Hong Kong).

• Patriotism is still strong in only five countries, showing that the most popular brand is the one they make them self. (France – Renault, Germany – Mercedes-Benz, India – Maruti Sazuki, Malaysia – Perodua and Sweden – Volvo).

What has changed since last year?

If we take a look at the map from last year it's interesting to see that BMW has lost a lot of love, going from being the most popular in 52 countries, down to 25. Niger has replaced Bugatti with Mercedes as their dream car, which in combination with other countries has moved Merc by fave places up.

What about your country? Do you agree with it? Comment below!

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Comments (13)

  • no audi 😂

      1 year ago
  • The irony is that, While the world may love Toyota, Japan, Toyota's home, is in love with BMW.

      1 year ago
  • I’m surprised that Mitsubishi is on the list over bigger car companies like Nissan or Mazda.

      1 year ago
    • Oh yeah. What do they sell these days? ASX which is way worse than CX5 and what else? I don't see any other new model on the streets

        1 year ago
  • Everyone around India wants a Lamborghini?? I thought they would be overly satisfied with some decent plumbing?

      1 year ago
    • Lamborghini is most popular Google search in the poorest countries. Go figure

        1 year ago
  • Toyota maybe desirable, but god they’re uninspired in the design department. Boring......

      1 year ago