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Mercedes E63s, Front.

Welcome, to my first ever article on DRIVETRIBE. I am planning to write about the “MOST EXCITING CAR RELEASED THIS MONTH” every month on Carography, is will purely based on the facts, figures, looks and anything else that sounds appealing.

So without further ado, the all-new Mercedes E63s saloon. What an absolute f*****g weapon! This thing is seriously quick. 0-62 takes a savage 3.4 seconds and with the AMG Driver’s package the top speed is 186 miles per hour, made possible by its new twin-turbo V8 outputting, wait for it, 604 horsepower and 627lb ft of torque, which is then delivered through a nine-speed double clutch gearbox onto the surface of your choice by all four wheels, or if you are like me and would like to have good old-fashioned fun in the corners there is a ‘Drift Mode’.

Mercedes E63s, interior.

In a straight line this car would leave an Audi RS6 for dead, it wouldn’t stand a chance, and with the car expected to cost around eighty thousand pounds Audi might need to rethink their game plan. Not only that, the E63s is nearly entering supercar territory, the only difference being it has five seats and will drive in any weather thanks to the 4MATIC system.

The interior is pretty much the same as the normal E-Class other than subtle flat-bottomed steering wheel, new leather-trimmed sports seats and numerous AMG badges, but that is definitely not a bad thing, after all Mercedes do have some of the best interiors in the business.

Mercedes E63s, rear.

But, unfortunately there is a problem, I can’t help but think this car is just all about numbers and straight line speed, rather being fun to drive. With the all wheel drive, turbo’s and more sleek lines rather sharp pointy edges, I feel like Mercedes AMG is going through a midlife crisis not knowing what they want to be. Stuck between being aggressive and shouty like BMW M car's or quick and tasteless Audi RS car's. Why can’t they go back to their old formula of big loud V8 with all the power going straight to the rear wheels without the need for a ‘Drift Mode” button. Hopefully Mercedes prove me wrong and the car brilliant, however for now my fingers are crossed.

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