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Naming cars may seem odd to some drivers. Essentially, it’s a mechanical box that gets us from A to B. But over half of UK motorists admit to giving their car a nickname according to the AA.

Apparently, there’s something a little anthropomorphic about our own personal vehicle that helps us battle traffic jams, road rage and unruly passengers on the daily commute.

But what are the most popular car nicknames, and how do you decide on a name that’s perfect for your motor…?

What should I name my car?

Where do you begin when naming your prized possession? A recent survey conducted by Vertu Motors plc. found that 10 per cent of drivers paid homage to their favourite famous folk or well-known fictional characters with Lemmy, Morrissey, The Hoff and Beano all cropping up on the list.

Colour also inspired the naming selection with several car owners heavily influenced by the vehicle’s hue. Popular white car names include Blizzard and Frosty. Black Pearl and Knight Rider are top-ranking names for black cars. While the best red car names are Big Red, Dynamite and Red Bull.

Nearly half of car owners claimed their motor had its own personal character traits with 10 per cent describing their car as ‘sporty’ and 7 per cent as ‘feisty’. Bestowing a pet name on a motor is said to give a greater sense of ownership and some drivers even confessed that naming the car made them take better care of it.

Most popular car nicknames

A poll carried out by Vertu Motors plc. found the top three car names are:

- Betsy

- Daisy

- Beast

Interestingly, women are more likely to christen their cars compared to men with female car genders more common. Well-liked names include:

- Fifi

- Minty

- Ruby

However, traditional male names still proved a popular choice with the following making it onto the list:

- Harry

- Bernard

- Neville


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