Most Powerful FWD Monster in Europe - The 500Hp Clio E1 Turbo

Matej Grudnik and his unique creation on its 2020 Version

One of the most spectacular looking Monsters that debuted last Season was Matej Grudnik´s Renault Clio E1 Turbo, a very special project now finally racing after almost 3 years of development. Still very much in testing, it is a bespoke widebodied Renault Clio powered by the 2.0L Turbo engine from the Mégane RS. Now on its second year of racing, it has evolved into a faster machine, with over 500Hp and weighing around 1100Kg.

Opting to go full Front Wheel Drive, this makes for quite the unique machine as it needs to cope with that great amount of power through some quite tricky conditions as it did on both Ilirska-Bistrica and Cividale-Castelmonte which you can see on the video. Struggling somewhat on the wet, it showed its true potential on the dry where we can start seeing it battling with some of the great Monsters of the E1 Class. Hopefully on 2021 we wil see this spectacular looking machine assume its final form...

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Comments (2)

  • I want to have that exact thing. Failing that, maybe just the bodykit.

      2 months ago
  • Lotus: Add lightness.

    Renault: Max out the bhp, then remove rear driveshaft.

      2 months ago