Mother Roads

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Hi there! And welcome to my tribe, Mother roads. Now, you might be wondering, is this some environmental awareness tribe were we are being smog about driving electrical cars and others that are good for the environment while all who don`t is selfish and well... Assholes? ...Nah, its not like that

It`s about respect! Yes, things are changing. We don`t like it, but we need to be aware of it, and stop denying it. Mother earth is clearly changing. We all know it but we sort of forget it from time to time. It`s not like there is a crises right now... Or is it?

Im not the type of guy that sits and thinks a lot about it either to be honest. But I don`t like that a lot of things might be different, in the near future.. How much will have changed by the time I turn 50? By the time my future sons and daughters are old enough to drive? Will all be electric, or driven by water? Gas? Or will they be able to experience the sounds, the smells, the feeling you get when getting behind the wheel, and taking control. Will they be able to race cars around a track? Build, drift, race, compete? Or will this sport vanish as our climate problem gets worse?

My first car, after some modificatations

I remember growing up wanting to become a F1 driver. Or more specific a race car driver! "Still do" I remember growing up, my dad bought Need for Speed II for Pc, I was about 5 or 6 years old when he came home with that game, and later on a steering wheel to match. I don`t know how many hours I spent playing that game, but it was not few... I still remember the feeling I got, the first impression driving in different scenery, and roads in supercars of pure fantasy really. It was a good time!

This was the main menu, I can still remember the soundtrack

At the age of 7 I inherated my older brothers Ps1, and among some other games, Gran Turismo 1. Here I discovered my first dream car.... And after a bunch of races making scrap dollars "next to nothing since, well.. I sucked" I finally could afford one. Nerdy, lame or not. It was a pretty exciting feeling ! even if it were a video game!

The Dogde Viper 1998. The best cars were made in the 90s

We all played Need for Speed underground 1 & 2. Driving around exploring the city, new back alleys looking for different lights so we could find a new shop to upgrade our cars. New races so we could expand the city limits, but also earning cash to modify and buying new cars. Maybe it`s because I lived so much in to it, but... I was a really awesome time, I enjoyed myself a lot!

Dude, I almost had you!

Paul Walker aka Brian O`connor in The Fast & The Furious

This was during the early 2000s, I wasn't more than 7 or 8 when my car interest went beyond playing video games. I think in 2001 - 2002 I watched for the first time The Fast & The Furious. Needless to say, I was sold. I now knew what I wanted to to when I grew up.

Street Racing. An iconic scene from the legendary franchise Fast & Furious

Living in Norway, I had big dreams of saving up some money, move to the U.S And buy myself a race car, modify it, and street race for a living. It sounded like an awesome plan in my 8 year old head. And it amplified ofc. When I first saw Miami in The sequential, 2 Fast 2 Furious. Living in a boat or a garage in such a place sounded more than okay. Don`t tell me it never crossed you're mind!

Neon Lights, Rear wing spoilers, warm climate, and good friends. How I wish I could be a part of that.

But then, firstly it was a movie, even thought we fantasise about it, it`s somewhat illegal, actually really illegal what they do in the movies, dangerous to! But If there was a way of experience it likewise the movie, I would blink before saying, i`m in!

All serious though. Fast & The Furious helped me get the interest and the passion I have for cars today, together with the video games that gave me somewhat idea of all there is to it. I still dream of an Honda S2000 after watching 2 Fast 2 Furious, together with an Dogde Viper from Gran turismo. It`s these small things that shape a young mind into something he/she really enjoys. And Im really happy I grew up to these heroes. Cause really. They were! And to this date, still are in my adult mind.

Paul. You were my biggest Idol. Thank you for sharing you're talent with us! #Rememberthebuster #neverforgotten

So. That was a bit about how my car passion was brought to life, obviously there more to it, but this will hold for now.

So what has this to do with the idea behind this tribe? Well, being able to grow up seing how much cars and their technology changes over the years, I am so grateful for being there when the culture of the coolness of it really started. Now, Im sure that kids back in the earlier 60s 70s and 80s had somewhat car enthusiasm. But the fellowship of cars, modifying, styling, driving, washing, admiring. Was not so easy for the younger to understand, since. They didn't own one. Maybe toy cars and such. but. still...

Being able to buy a car in a game, drive it in different scenery, different roads, customise it of fit you're own style the way I did in, Need for Speed and so on. While watching Fast & Furious for inspiration. Getting creative with it. It was a really good time to be a kid. (I sound old all ready....)

I want my kids to experience it, feel the way I feel, get creative and create a passion for it the way I so luckily could. I want them to feel the adventure I felt, and I want everybody else who`s coming after us to get that chance as well.

So, stop driving petrol cars, stop selling them? Buying them? No. Appreciate it! We are lucky! Now, even though we most likely will be driving this for a while more before out governments, presidents, and politicians say, no more. I say. Let`s make the most of it! The sounds, the smells, the impressions, the Joy....

Its still all green and beautiful. Let`s respect that

Now. If there is something we can do about it. It is to be openminded. Do you have the need for 2 diesel or petrol cars? What about buying 1 electric for everyday use? When the limits of the batteries are reaching levels of 300 - 500 km. Then there is not that hard to think about it, is it? Maybe you can take the bus to work once a week, or the bicycle even? It`s not just good for the environment but for you!

Now... Back to business. Im not the best role model to talk about going green considering I own 2 non electric cars myself. But. I want to make sure you enjoy everyday we can do this. Respect the mother of all roads, our one related mother. Earth.. Without here, nothing would be. obviously. So why not give something back?

She is beautiful, she's everywhere! Why not include her more in the adventures we make? I plan to. This tribe is about having fun, and sharing her exceptional scenery with each other, the great pictures and moments that work together with nature in harmony.

Capture the moment! Live it. Respect it, and enjoy it.

I thought this was genius, Car & Nature in perfect harmony...

This earth is what we all have in common

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