MOTO PHOTOS: 2017 Kustomfest Show, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Here's our thoughts on Indonesia's recent Kustomfest 2017 show. Put it this way. If you don't try and make it for 2018, you'd be SERIOUSLY missing out.

3y ago

In our second big South-East Asian event for 2017, and easily one of the best shows all year, October saw us in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, for two days of custom motorcycle wet dreams, beers and sate sticks all wrapped up in a very cool hoedown called ‘Kustomfest’. We came, we saw, we wandered. And at the end of it, we were glad we did.

Yogyakarta aka Jogjakarta aka ‘Jogja’ is Indonesia’s old capital, and is placed about halfway between Jakarta and the island of Bali, smack bang in the middle of central Java. If you can imagine all the best bits of Jakarta and Denpassar in one not so big city, you’d be on the right track. It’s also smack bang alongside the sometimes dormant Mount Merapi volcano. Locals assured me that it only erupted every four years or so, and it’d been about three years since its last tango. Good to know.

After meeting our P.A. Ratna, who made us feel like kings while we were there, we were quickly whisked of to the show on the afternoon before its official opening. The frantic race to get things ready for the next morning jarred markedly with the casual, unfussed attitude of the Javanese locals. Clearly they had a long night ahead of them.


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