MOTO PHOTOS: South Africa’s Devin Paisley

We speak to South Africa's main moto lensman...

3y ago

Time for another instalment of our regular ‘Moto Photos’ stories. Tonight it’s South Africa’s turn in the spotlight; specifically Cape Town’s crack lensman, Devin Paisley. His recent shoot for local shop Hutchbilt really impressed us. So much so, we wanted to see what other goodies he had in his camera bag. So here they are. Enjoy.

Can you introduce yourself?

Hi! I’m Devin. I am lucky enough to call Cape Town, South Africa, home. If you haven’t been here yet, best you book a flight asap. We’ve got some of the world’s best riding on our doorstep. I settled back here after 6 years traveling Asia and Europe working as a model. My father was a photographer in the 70’s and 80’s, so photography is in the blood; my brother is a cinematographer. I picked up my first decent camera in 2007 and started documenting my travels.

Why photograph motorcycles?

To be honest, I think motos chose me. When I moved back to Cape Town the custom bike scene was on the up and up so a mate and I started building bikes. That’s when I started shooting motorcycles and it kind of snowballed from there. After I figured out building custom bikes wasn’t feasible, I started a new project called The Woodstock Moto Co; it’s a community-based DIY motorcycle garage aimed at bringing people from all walks of life together around bikes. The community that has developed has been a major influence in my journey as a moto photographer.


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