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Moto2 Madness

Yesterday at the Misano, San Marino Moto2 race during a battle between Romano Fenati (who rides for the Marinelli Snipers team) and Stefano Manzi the former decided that the only method of getting past his competitor was to explore some dirty tactics. Travelling at around 130mph on the back straight Fenati leant across Manzi pressing the front brake, momentarily locking and causing the front tyre to twitch sharply. This move was deemed to be in retaliation to Manzi who in getting past Fenati had run him off the track. Fortunately enough for Manzi, he was able to regain the control of his bike and continue but Fenati's actions were quickly caught and he was black flagged; disqualified from the race for his irresponsible driving.

After the race stewards confirmed that Fenati would be receiving a two-race ban but MotoGP rider Cal Crutchlow, who strongly condemned Fenati's actions, believes that "he should never race a motorcycle again" and "If his team keep him they're absolutely stupid" .Other Moto2 drivers Aleix Espargaro, Pol Espargaro, Andrea Dovizioso and Jorge Lorenz also disagreed with Fenati's actions but the later two believed the 2-race ban was sufficient due to the extenuating circumstances created by Manzi's "reckless" driving style.

However news today broke that Fenati has been sacked by by his team Marinelli Snipers and, coincidentally, Manzi's team Forward Racing, who had signed Fenati for the 2019 season, have said that he will no longer be a racing for them next season. Fenati has since come out and apologized for his "disgraceful gesture" but this surprisingly stupidity has not been a one off in his brief career. He kicked out at Finnish rider Niklas Ajo in the 2015 Moto3 Argentine Grand Prix and was dropped during the 2016 by the Sky Racing Team VR46 for disciplinary reasons, questioning, was this really a a big surprise that he out of all riders committed this idiotic deed.

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