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MotoOrchestra of GOCC

This is how you should raise money for charity. Really, really fast

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Word of introduction for people not knowing what GOCC stands for. It stand Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity which, is the biggest, non-governmental, non-profit, charity organization in Poland. It's working all year long but, the most important part is The Grand Finale. It takes place at second sunday of January (12 January this year) and thankfully (for those in need and us) in whole country there are events to gather as much money as possible, including car meets and car events.

One of those car events is called MotoOrchestra at Autodrom Bemowo in Warsaw

It's great opportunity to meet new car friends, find some great machines and bring in some cash for greater good. Already on the way to the spot, you could see awesome cars.

Main part are auctions on stage, and the winner gets car ride as passenger in the car in front of the crowd, plus some bonuses such as trophy, tea, t-shirts, books and anything that will rise the price. The car varied from Porsche GT3 RS, track builds such as this Datsun 240Z, off-roaders and proper drift cars as this BMW E30.

There are also auctions in which you can buy cars made by TV hosts

Pic. Franciszek Mazur / Agencja Gazeta

Pic. Franciszek Mazur / Agencja Gazeta

In picture above is car build by Grzegorz Duda, professional rally car builder and part of the TVN Turbo host crew. It was build in season 1 of "Klimek vs Duda" show and it's powered by MG engine, chassis was stiffened up by half roll cage, finished with racing seats, full rally electronics and electric blue. Also it's called "Cwaniak" which means dodger. Automatically awesome. And every single penny goes for the cause. There is also restored K.I.T.T with David Hasselhoff's signature. Even cooler.

Pic. Mastercard

Pic. Mastercard

Being a uni student with not a lot of cash ? Don't worry you will catch a ride

Mustang Club Poland got ya covered. If you drop some coins (or bills) into can, you get a chance to get into and be driven around in coolest mustangs in whole country. In my case I had got into one of my dream cars, Ford Mustang Shelby GT 350. One word review : SMILE. Also my first time in a car doing donuts and power sliding. While inside I was too busy with joy and G's to record so I will show you one of the runs.

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Great power for Great cause

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This is what I would love to hear while going to sleep

Car and charity goes together like tires and smoke. Better together.

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