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4y ago

Whether you are looking for twisty roads, forest roads, mountain roads to seaside roads, Motorcycle Diaries (nice logo by the way) is a great site to start planning your journey. If you're looking for some amazing roads and a great riding experience take a look. I'll be using it to plan a trip to Spain next year to experience some off road trails.

Motorcycle-Diaries is all about amazing roads, endless landscapes, hidden places and the passionate people that you meet along these roads.

MC Diaries

The site is a true inspiration haven, a cool starting-point to organize your journeys, trips and life-changing motorcycle adventures. They provide you with an in-house developed itinerary-app which allows you to save your favourite journeys, stops and create your personal motorcycle-diary. You can connect with other members, share your roads and find inspiration for future road quests. Go check them out!

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