- The T120 Ace special edition (My own photo)

    Motorcycle Live - Triumph aces it with two new offerings

    Bonneville T120 Ace and T120 Diamond Special Editions seen for the first time in the UK

    I like Triumphs and so I was in for a treat when I visited the Motorcycle Live show at the NEC yesterday. The show is running from 17th November till Sunday 25th of November and gives bike fans a chance to see new models from manufacturers, many of which have not been seen in the UK before. Triumph have two new models which are having their UK debut at the show.

    The Bonneville T120 Ace

    The Bonneville T120 Ace has been produced to celebrate the first generation of cafe racers and London’s legendary Ace Cafe which is the spiritual home of classic British motorcycling and the cafe racer. It was getting a lot of attention at the show and certainly looks striking.

    Based on the Bonneville T120 Black, which is also on display at the show, the 2019 Bonneville T120 Ace has a 1200cc High Torque twin Bonneville engine, with torque delivery peaking at 105Nm at 3,100 rpm. It comes in a Matt Storm Grey paint scheme, with contrasting centre stripe and ‘Head Down, Hold On’ design on the tank , a Bonneville T120 Ace logo on the side panels and Ace Cafe logo on the front mudguard .

    Matt grey paint and the Ace Cafe logo (My own photo)

    Matt grey paint and the Ace Cafe logo (My own photo)

    In addition to its matt paint scheme the T120 Ace also has black intake covers , engine badges, bench sea and Triumph 4-bar tank badge to give it its unique look as you can see below.

    Matt grey paint and the Ace Cafe logo (My own photo)

    Matt grey paint and the Ace Cafe logo (My own photo)

    Only 1400 Ace T120s will be available worldwide and buyers will get numbered certificate of ownership signed by Nick Bloor, Triumph’s CEO and Mark Wilsmore, Managing Director of the Ace Cafe London.

    The Bonneville T120 Diamond Edition

    Next to the Ace on the Triumph stand is the Bonneville T120 Diamond Edition. While I was there it was getting more appreciative comments based on looks alone than the Ace. The 2019 Diamond Edition celebrates the 60th anniversary of the iconic 1959 Bonneville.

    Triumph describe the DIamond Edition as taking '... all of the classic style and modern capability of the standard Bonneville T120 and brings an even higher standard of finish'. This includes the white and silver tank design with Union flag, as you can see here.

    The Union flag tank design (My own photo)

    The Union flag tank design (My own photo)

    The bike also has the Bonneville T120 Diamond logo on the side panels with chrome 4 bar Triumph tank badges , engine covers and badges and chain guard . The bike has the same 1200cc high torque 8 valve, parallel Bonneville twin engine as you'd expect.

    Triumph say that the peashooter style exhausts '...follow a clean ‘straight line run’ achieved through an ingenious twin skin design that covers the pipe run through the cat box and out again. It delivers the true sound of a British twin, with a deep and rich exhaust.' Sadly I wasn't able to hear it running so can only take their word for that. It certainly looks good.

    The chrome was getting admiring comments. (My own photo).

    The chrome was getting admiring comments. (My own photo).

    The Diamond Edition is limited to 900 and will come with a numbered certificate, signed by Nick Bloor, the Triumph CEO .

    You pay your money and you take your choice

    So which one of these two would you choose? I had a sit on them and I like both aesthetically, though possibly the Diamond Edition aces it for me! (Apologies for my overlit face, the spotlights on the stand were fierce!)

    Let me know what you think of the two bikes and which one you like best in the comments below.

    If you are interested in the show you might like my piece on the Carl Fogarty CCM Spitfire unveiled on Saturday with my own video and pictures. More articles on the show to come.


    (All photos my own).

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    Comments (15)

    • I was at the Bike show on Saturday and I was sooooo disappointed in Triumph. They seem to only make retro bikes and their Tiger that has been around for a decade.

      Too many manufacturers have started making old style bikes, I wonder how many they shift as I may see one at a bike meet the rest are 600 and litre sports bikes

        2 years ago
      • I think they have their customer base & play to what they like. The Speed Triples etc still sell well.

          2 years ago
      • The Speed Triple was relegated to middle ground in the display at the show. I expected a refreshed version of that as I bought one of those in 2013 and apart from a mild refresh in 2016 it has not moved on. I have owned 2 Triumphs and was hoping for...

        Read more
          2 years ago
    • Now that’s what a real bike should look like

        2 years ago
    • Both very nice.

        2 years ago
    • Too much retro. Where’s the truly new tiger 1050. Innovate

        2 years ago
    • Lovely Trumpets!

        2 years ago
      • Very, I couldn’t really decide. I spent a lot of time on their stand.

          2 years ago


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