Motoring genius has made a 5.6 liter, 16 cylinder monster out of Lada engines

19w ago


I'm not even going to attempt to explain this one. The only thing I'll say is that somewhere in Russia this engineering mastermins has shoerhorned 4 Lada engines together to make a 5.6 liter, 16 cylinder, crazy motor. And they also put it into...a Lada. Just look at hoe big this thing is and the custom fab work needed to even get a front suspension fitted.

I mean what in the hell!? I love it. Here in the US we do engine swaps. In Russia they just add more engines. I hope they do a 20 cylinder one. W16? Psh, who needs it.

My favorite line in the whoel video is, "These are consuming quite a bit of fuel." You think? When they get out onto the snow track it seriously looks like the jankiest thing ever put together. But that's why it's awesome.

What other insane engine swaps/addition have you seen?

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