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you've had the intro, now it's time to see what's in store for Motoring Youth

4y ago

Well, you've had the intro, now it's time to see what's in store for Motoring Youth over the next few months. As you would expect, coming to this brand new platform, with little idea what it's all about, and how it will actually work is, to say the least, daunting. ( At the time this is written I am yet to even take a glimpse of the Drivetribe site) Worrying I know! With little in the way of research, I have come up with 6 different types of article that I think you, The Motoring Youth, will enjoy and want to read. I know I certainly would. So here goes:

1. Blasts From The Past

Bet you probably haven't seen one of these before.

Bet you probably haven't seen one of these before.

Although the premise of these articles will be taking a look back in time, let me assure you, it will be nothing like your old History class, there'll be no textbooks, no grumpy teacher and no homework! What there will be is an intriguing look at some motoring legends from yesteryear and perhaps, finding out how what happened then, relates to car culture now. That's the plan anyway. Oh, and apologies for the cheesy name, it's harder than you think to find car related names for these things. If you have a better suggestion of what we could call these types of article then let me know and we'll see what we can do.

2. Reviews

Yep, one of these!

Yep, one of these!

The clue's in the name with this one, although they might be a little different to the usual Auto Journalists’ stuff. Because of certain age restrictions, the chances of me being let lose behind the wheel of these cars are slim, to say the least. So instead, they're from a rather back seat perspective. Whilst this may seem like a drawback, it is in fact quite novel, and as such you'll be able to take a look at cars from a perspective you can't find anywhere else.

New Wheels



This will effectively be the new releases, if it's just been released and it's worthy of a mention, you'll find it as one of these articles. Simple. (Again if you have a better name let me know)

4. Window Shopping

If only this was real.

If only this was real.

This one concerns cars that are for sale, new or used. I'll be scouring the markets looking for some of the rarest, coolest and strangest cars that you can buy.

5. What to watch

Let's face it, TV and youtube have become a big part of our lives. So for a "what to watch " article's we'll be taking a look at some of the best motoring content that you might not have seen before. There'll be endorsements, just my opinion on the best way to spend your Sunday afternoons.

6. Tech

Yes, I know, that's an iPhone 4

Yes, I know, that's an iPhone 4

This'll include stuff for your phone, computer or tablet, or any other gadgetry that I can get my hands on, that some way relates to Motoring. Got any ideas? Let me know.

7. You

This is the most important one of all, it's what you the readers want to see. From what I understand you'll be able to like and share content with other like-minded individuals within the Tribe. Like I said, I'm not sure how it'll all work yet, but whatever happens, let's do our best to make Motoring Youth THE tribe for young people in the world of motoring.

See you next time.


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  • Always love a bit window shopping.

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