- Gasly dedicated his podium to the late Anthoine Hubert. RIP AH19

Motorsport Mouth Ep. 1-F1 2019 Race Of The Year. Brazil.

I mean what else could it be.

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While going slightly insane at my part time job I have decided to have a small ramble about just how blood brilliant the Brazilian Grand Prix was this year. I hope you enjoy.

Now that the dust has settled on the extraordinarily dull Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and with that the 2019 season, I feel it's time to reflect on what was, for me, one of the best races of the last five years. The truly jaw dropping Brazilian Grand Prix.

I watched this race live, that on reflection was an unbelievable decision. Even though, as Crofty said at the time, it was another win from pole at Interlagos this race was so much more than a beautifully mature drive from Max Verstappen, so much more.

The starting grid was a little shaken up with the aforementioned Verstappen on pole, Vettel 2nd, hamilton and bottas 3rd and 4th respectively and Charles Leclerc all the way down in 14th, with Carlos Sainz taking up Kubica's usual spot of 20th . At the start max got away well but Lewis got an almighty start from 3rd sending it beautifully around the outside of Vettel at the "Senna esses". A very punchy Charles Leclerc also made up three places on his first lap.

After the start the race began to settle down with the exception of a rather clumsy move from Daniel"Lick the Stamp and Send it" Ricciardo on Kevin "Suck My Balls Honey" Magnussen resulting in a broken front wing for Daniel and a spin for Kevin. Then came the pit stops. Lewis committing to a two stop strategy and an undercut. Then came the first moment of this race that got me shouting at my TV. What. The. Hell. Was. Kubica. Doing.... Why was he released in front of Max. I'm no Verstappen fan but always prefer to see anyone but Mercedes win, so when Kubica was sent straight out in front of max I was rather annoyed. At least I was annoyed until Max sent it into T1 and retook the net lead. "And relax" I thought to myself "nothing else is really going to happen now, right?" Wrong. Very Wrong. Quite Frankly, possibly the most wrong I have ever been.

At first the race settled at least it settled until Bottas' engine died and Vallteri had to put his car in spot that wasn't completely safe, this, wonderfully, resulted in a full safety car. Under the safety car Max pitted and crucially Lewis didn't. "I'm a sitting duck here Bono" says Lewis and seconds later, he was proved right. Max stormed past on the restart and Alex Albon Jumped the Ferraris to put him in the podium positions.

Then on Lap 66, the moment that turned this race from a good race into an outrageous race. Charles Leclerc got past Vettel into T1 and, in trying to regain the place Vettel squeezed Leclerc, this resulted in punctures for both, both cars out and I'd imagine several fairly choice words in the Ferrari garage. But more importantly, it resulted in a second safety car and an inexplicable Hamilton pit stop. When I saw Gasly P3 I was honestly screaming at the top of my lungs at my TV. "CMON PIERRE PLEASE GO GO GO!" On reflection I may have got a little excited at the thought of a Toro Rosso podium. These hopes were taken away and reignited in the space of half a lap. Lewis jumped Gasly into T1 but in pursuit of Alex Albon a late lunge resulted in Gasly jumping up to P2 and amazingly Sainz was P3 (albeit temporarily) after starting 20th.

Now I'm standing up and jumping around the place like a complete moron, screaming like a demented banshee at the TV as Hamilton and Gasly drag raced to the line. I could not believe what I was seeing. Pierre Gasly had just finished 2nd in a Toro Rosso, his first ever podium. It was a horrific year for Gasly. Dropped by Red Bull, lost childhood friend Anthoine Hubert in a horrific crash at spa but here he was on the podium for the first time ever in F1. Even now I am in disbelief, and, come to think of it so was he, did you hear that radio, Gasly screaming at the top of his lungs crying, it was absolutely beautiful. (Watch the next clip from 2:10 to hear what I'm on about"

Then came even more drama even more drama. Lewis got a penalty for hitting Albon. This meant that Carlos Sainz was on the podium. A Red Bull, Toro Rosso and McLaren podium. Now that is a race. That was F1.

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