Motorsports Authentics 1:24 2007 Greg Biffle Ford Fusion

the biff

NASCAR is on a brief break for something called the Olympics? sheesh.

Out of all the 1:24 NASCAR diecasts in my collection I don't think there is a greater combination of love/hate than this one. 2007 was a year that I was growing rather pi**ed off at NASCAR for the absurd changes they were making to the sport. It seemed like the ignorance was widespread. While I wont say that I hated the COT design. It was a necessary evil for progress in the right direction of standardizing the builds. I will say... *ahem* that Ford's decision to use the vanilla variety 1st gen FUSION as their car in the series was just confounding at every level. It looked ugly, flat out. While I admire this particular car the design has aged a bit better, but I still despise FoMoCo's decision. I will never forget when Biffle was interviewed shortly after the Fusion was unveiled in COT form, he just had this smirk on his face and you could tell that he was biting his tongue. It was just awful.

Moving onto the stuff I love about this car (I bought it after all). The paint scheme kicks ass. The Aflac duck is a boss and was a nice injection of fun into an otherwise sterile landscape of sponsors (don't get me started on Biff's 3M paint schemes...). Biffle is also a boss, and an excellent personality to carry the Aflac sponsorship torch. Overall, I just love the design and the colors of this car and always felt that Biff was an underrated driver that won a handful of times.

MA put some fantastic details on their 1:24 scale cars. Nice touches in every nook and cranny and this isn't even an Elite level car. I'm super happy to have this in my collection because it's sponsorship eye candy to me and looks fantastic on my collection shelf :)

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