Move over Maisto, Bentley introduces its own scale models

And no, you can't customize the interiors here but you do get a special gift box

1y ago

I believe there is one thing Bentley would never miss - details. Their diligent attention to detail is what separates them from other manufacturers. And now, this same trait might help them distinguish themselves from the regular die-cast toy car manufacturers as well. Lookout, Hot Wheels and Maisto!

As a last hurrah to its centenary celebrations, Bentley has introduced its own set of miniature scale models. Just like the rest of its centenary festivities which involved the inclusion of historical and current models, this one adds to that but in a literally minute way.

Bentley’s range of scale models consists of three vehicles. The most special and expensive one comprises of the Bentley Mulsanne W.O. Edition by Mulliner. Limited to just 100 pieces like its full-size namesake, the 1:43 resin model tries to capture the essence of the original special-edition model by carrying the same Onyx paintwork and Fireglow upholstery.

The second member in the range is a Mulsanne Speed replica. But here, the car is finished with the exact same specification as the launch car of the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. Featuring a Julep exterior and Beluga interior, this Mulsanne Speed will be presented in a special Bentley gift box which, according to Bentley, is a bespoke gesture, I guess.

The final model comprises of the 2019 Continental GT Convertible, reflecting Bentley’s idea of the present. Available in sequin blue with Beluga and linen interior, this 1:43 scale resin replica is said to replicate the sculpted exterior of the road-version. Instead of offering the supposed ‘special Bentley gift box’, I believe it would have been better if the convertible’s scale model had an operational roof. My eye would’ve been glued to this model for 19 seconds, as the roof went either up or down.

Buyers, mostly Bentley enthusiasts, can avail these items at Bentley’s online shopping website with prices starting from £125 (or $162). But what intrigues me more is a possibility. A possibility that Bentley might be following Ferrari’s footsteps in merchandising. Which leads me to a question, should Bentley even bother with these?

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