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Movie Car Cosplay Ideas

Car lovers know who the real stars of movies and television are. Why not dress up as one of these "celebrities" for Halloween?

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Some of the better characters favorite movies and television series are the cars, and they are often as cool, sexy, mean, tough (and sometimes ridiculous) as the actors who drive them.

With Halloween coming up, here's come costume ideas based on favorite famous cars that combine the style of the star with the essence of car:

The Bullitt Mustang

The beautiful Highland Green 1968 Mustang GT Fastback of Bullitt may be considered the most valuable Mustang ever, but Steve McQueen's character didn't need to be too flashy. Neither did the car. For this costume, take the look of McQueen, and tweak the color to more resemble that distinctive Mustang Green. Use an olive green turtleneck under a similar colored blazer with a plain pair of jeans. wear a black or brown belt with a classic Mustang logo buckle, and don't forget an extra cool pair of brown "chukka boots."

All photo collages: Lisa Tate

All photo collages: Lisa Tate

The Winchester Brothers' "Baby" from Supernatural

The long-running ghost hunting buddy road trip which is Supernatural is coming to an end in November. In its 15 years of existence, cosplaying as "Baby," the sleek 1967 Impala has been popular. This car is definitely has the heavy metal bounty hunter thing going. Here's an easy way to do it: Wear some black leather pants with a black t-shirt that has the "demon catching" logo on it. Better yet, draw your own with some white cloth paint so it looks like the homemade paint job on the inside of "Baby." trunk.

Since baby is filled with the necessary demon-hunting weaponry, get a black utility belt and hang a couple of wooden stakes, a good camping knife, brass knuckles, etc. from it. (yes, you can use safe plastic prop replicas available at costume shops). Hang a cross necklace around your neck, and one that resembles the famous "Baby" License plate (these necklaces are available all over the internet). Finish it off with some black, lace up combat boots.

If you really want to have to go full in, carry an old school boom box and blast some classic rock tunes from Kansas to AC/DC.

Austin Powers' "Shaguar"

Sometimes, you just want to be the goofy guy at a party, and since it is no longer hip to go as Austin Powers (so I've been told), go has his 1961 Jaguar e-type...(aka the "Shaguar."). Stay within the era, and don some red, white and blue stripped bell bottoms and white shirt with Victorian lace collar, but go big and British with a Union Jack fitted blazer. Think Pete Townsend, here. Also add some round hippie shades with either Union Jack lenses and some black leather Chelsea boots.

Yeah, Baby.

While everyone else at the gathering is trying their best to look like a their favorite leading man or woman, remind them who the real stars of the big and small screens are: the cars!

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