Movie Review: LeMans (1971)

Why is it so famous?

1y ago

This film starring the king of cool Steve Mcqueen give us a lot of racing sequences since it uses footage of a real LeMans race even though the events taking place in the film are fictional.

So, is it as good as everyone says?

Well, there is no doubt that this movie is probably one of the most famous racing movies of all time for car enthusiasts. The Porsche 917k is almost as famous for the movie as it is for being an actual LeMan car. Just the artwork of the movie itself you find online is amazing and for a good reason. You see, the movie has a plot that it’s meh, alright because the whole thing feels like an excuse of Steve Mcqueen to join his passion for motorsport and his job as an actor so he can work without really having to work. The weak-ish plot of the movie makes you focus on the photography of it and it’s amazing. Of course, the patina it’s there because it was filmed at that time with even real racing drivers of that time but also the way it’s filmed it’s amazing. We are used to watching old races in black and white with really bad camera angles designed for television broadcasting but here you can see the art in the way they filmed it.

So, my conclusion? It’s a great racing movie and that’s it. You can pause it almost at any time and it would be an amazing frame to put on your wall as artwork because it’s beautifully filmed. Plus, due to the weak plot, you can always have it playing on the background while doing other stuff because you won’t miss anything important but at least watch it once paying attention because there are a lot of details. Also, if you like it, you should watch “The Man and LeMans” the documentary about Steve Mcqueen that takes you behind the scenes of the movie.

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  • Yup. The plot is weak. VERY weak. So if you were expecting something like Ford v Ferrari, this isn't the movie for you. Personally, I enjoyed both of them very much despite being two very different movies. But for me, Le Mans always gets my choice thanks to the amazing cinematography and Steve McQueen's acting.

    P.S. Steve McQueen's(well not 'his' but his team's) Porsche 908 served as the camera car for the movie. Epic isn't it?

      1 year ago