Mr Beast gives away 40 cars to his 40,000,000th subscriber

    9w ago



    Some YouTubers do a phone giveaway, others make a 'Thank You' video but not MrBeast. MrBeast decided to give his 40 millionth subscriber 40 real life cars including a Tesla Model 3, a Porsche, Jeep and many more...

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    • I’m afraid that “Mr Beast” is someone else who I’m unashamedly unfamiliar with. Long may it stay that way.

        2 months ago
    • Why the hell would you give 40 great cars away to get a shit tesla

        2 months ago
      • tesla model 3 is a good car...

          2 months ago
      • A good car doesn't have wood in its battery compartment held in place by some duct tape...

          2 months ago
    • He's annoying to me, because he is very wasteful with his money.

        2 months ago
    • Spongebob wrapped jeep with a water gun. Quote by Chris

        2 months ago
    • MrBeast just gave 40 cars to his 40 millionth subscriber! @tribe

        2 months ago


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