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Mr Block's new toy is something special

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Ken Block is always bringing us these absolutely ridiculous cars with performance specs higher than I can comprehend. This time is no different with his latest masterpiece which has been named the Hoonitruck. I think he's just doing it to brag and make us feel jealous now, well who wouldn't if they had these cars.

So what car is this 'Hoonitruck'?

Well, being Ken Block it's obviously going to have to be a Ford, a 1977 F-150 to be exact. Although, this is no ordinary F-150, this beautiful piece of tire slaying madness shows us once again just what Ford Performance is capable of. Under the hood you'll find a 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6 coming directly from the Ford GT Le Mans development program that is no doubt a monster of an engine, and to top it off it's completed with a twin turbo setup. Bet you never thought you'd see modern Le Mans racecar technology in a truck built in the 1970s  did you?

Now for the performance of the tire slaying truck

As you can imagine it's pretty powerful, producing a crazy 914hp (682kw) going to all four wheels through the Sadev 6-speed gearbox, enough to have a Toyo Tires logo flying off of the wheels in absolutely no time! It also produces 951 N•m of torque, almost enough to carry a house (not literally). I could give you the top speed of the Hoonitruck but it's not exactly made to drive in a straight line, so top speed doesn't mean very much in this case. Overall the whole car has been tweaked and changed into what you can see in the pictures here.

Imagine having that in the engine bay of your car

Why exactly does it exist?

As I mentioned earlier, it wasn't made to go in a straight line. The Hoonitruck was made specifically for Gymkhana 10, the next installment of Ken Block's crazy stunt and drift videos. Block specifically chose the truck as a tribute to his late father who apparently had a truck from the same era. If you happen to be in Vegas next week, you might be able to see this thing when it is formally unveiled at SEMA, and if it were up to me I'd definitely change all plans in order to go see it and say hi.

His videos are pretty crazy; taken from Gymkhana 9

This isn't the only ridiculous machine Ken Block owns, obviously

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few years, you'd know Ken possesses a few other Ford Performance tuned classics and modern racecars. The Hoonicorn (V1 and V2), his (late) Escort Cosworth and his large array of rally cars to name a few. Go check out the Hoonigan website and Ken Block's social pages for more on those cars!

The Hoonicorn V2 doing what it does best

How would you like to take it for a drive yourself?

Now you're really interested aren't you? Well, you can't drive it. BUT, you can however experience it digitally through Forza Horizon 4 if you are a Car Pass owner. The car will be released on the 2nd of November, so go get yourself the Car Pass so you can lay down some rubber with the Hoonitruck on some Historic Britain tarmac.

The Hoonitruck in Forza Horizon 4; Credit: Xbox

To conclude

You'll be seeing more of this beast upon release of Gymkhana 10 which will be released earlier on Amazon Prime and later to YouTube.

Tell me down below what you think of this monster! And in the mean time, enjoy these videos!



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