Mr. Hovemann´s Brutal Sounding 805Hp/9.500Rpm Opel Kadett 5.7 V8

It doesn´t get any mre thunderous than this...

Holger Hovemann has created and developed one of the most brutal Monsters in European Hillclimb Racing. Taking bodywork based on one of the most popular cars in the Berg-Cup series, the Kadett C, the engine used then on this machine is the V8 from a Lotus Elise GT1 unit (dubbed LT5), here producing 805Hp/9.500Rpm. Much of its underpinnings come from the Corvette ZR-1 and it is pretty much one of the most ambitious projects of the last decade in European HillClimb Racing.

Also because of that, it is also one that has suffered from many setbacks during the last years, passing most of the 2018 Season being recovered after some major Engine issues. Here you can see this true Monster finally being used up to its full potential at Osnabruck and Wolsfeld Hillclimbs, claiming Top 10 spots on both events among the Touring Cars present, while sounding unbelievably good.

We´re sure that 2020 will bring even more out of this machine....

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Comments (1)

  • Does he have an Astra 1.2l? Riding my Yamaha R6 back from Oschersleben on the A2. I was behind an Astra both of us stuck in some traffic. Well ok at first I just put him down as part of the traffic. When the road cleared enough he moved over for me, I shifted down to 3rd and opened the throttle. To my surprise as we caught up with traffic I was doing 250kmh and still behind him. I double checked the badge... 1.2l... Hmmm I don't think so. I was only able to pass him once it cleared enough I could get up closer to my top end of 270kmh. But apparently there is an even faster Opel out there than that Astra.

      1 year ago