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A few month ago, I've been contacted by Alex Laperriere the host of The Drivetriber Talks Podcast. As i previously announced in Alex's interview, we're going to start a collaboration. From time to time, the interviewing part of the podcast, will be transcripted and become a Meet The DriveTriber special edition. I have some pretty well known DriveTribers waiting to be published on this special series, and I'm particularly enthusiastic about today's guest, but first I want to spend a few words about The DriveTriber Talks podcast.

I have to be brutally honest here, I'm not a podcast person, my attention span is very low when it's about watching something that's not a movie, nevertheless I have a deep admiration for people running this kind of entertainment format. It's a lot of work and really gives the idea of being something intimate, like having a chat all together at the pub, shame that in that case I like to be the entertainer...Anyway, Alex's and his co-host's project it's an awesome idea. Seeing and hearing the people here on Drivetribe is such a huge undertaking. Alex and Charles North VI are doing a great job, so please have a look and help them to grow their audience.

Back to the subject of this interview, I'm particularly glad to spend some words about Ost Neer. After joining DriveTribe shortly after the beginning, I wasn't very active, I started to post more often and being more active in general only later, in that period the Chat feature on the Tribes was launched. Among the people popping in and out the Drivetriber chat channel, there was also Ost, from those small talks and early posts this Christmas tale happened.

In this story you can find some well known Drivetribers, weirdly I'm in it as well, it felt great to be featured in a Christmas feerie even if have to read it to find out! Anyway that's another story hahaha...

I've always find Ost's articles very interesting, he's very good at explaining science in a funny and simple way, using unusual examples and quoting pop culture. No wonder he published a book, and that James May did read it. You can find a great presentation of his first book, An Introduction to Academic Driving, down here, in this post by Aurelie Saboreau.

Much more has yet to come, meanwhile you can have a look at Ost's Tribe, Academic Driving or get your own copy of the book.

Now, without further ado let's start with the interview.

Obviously would be better to watch the full podcast, as it's more detailed than this shortened transcription that Alex kindly provided me, you can find the full video here, enjoy!

Where are you from?

Ukraine , Now I live in Poland

What do you do?

Lecturer and researcher. I'm lecturing in International relations and geopolitics, and researching on the same subjects, especially about European Union, East Europe and Russian policies but that's the boring part of what I do. Other than that I'm happy to be on Drivetribe and combine my passion for cars with my knowledge and talk with people with my same passion.

What inspired you to write your book?

Clarkson. I started writing on Drivetribe because one day I was scrolling Facebook and I noticed Clarkson pointing at me and saying "Hey you, would you like to join Drivetribe and speak about cars?" And I said, "Why not?". I have been on DT since day one. My articles are essentially my book, just all amassed together.

How long was the entire process of writing your book?

Started writing October 2017. Book published May 2019 , 2 years .

What started your passion for cars?

I enjoyed looking at how engines worked when I was young. Once I was older, I saw an old rusted Fiat, and it struck me that this car had been created to serve its owner, and probably did so flawlessly for decades. I then marveled on how cars are the peak of human genius, and wanted to understand everything about them after that.

What's your daily drive?

20 year old Mazda 323

What do you think of electric cars?

Think they are rather hyped. They have their fair share of issues, but the technology is great nonetheless.

Automatic or Manual?

Manual, for now. I think they are becoming outdated though.

What's your favourite classic car?

Ford Model T .

What's your favourite modern car?

Alfa Romeo Giulia .

Tell us something funny that's happened to you in a car ...

Soviet Lada: left all windows open, and the cow's head made its way in the car. When we arrived, the cow got stuck, and damaged the entire roof of the car. The headliner was dangling, and there were a bunch of knocks and dings on the actual roof.

Tell us a song that you enjoy to listen while driving...

90’s rock, Guns n’ Roses, Nirvana, Alice Cooper, Metallica, Aerosmith, Pretty Reckless .

Are you a Motorsport fan?

No. But I respect it!

Do you have a favourite racing driver?

Ayrton Senna.

Are you a fan of Clarkson Hammond and May?

I like Clarkson, but has thought process of May .

What's your favourite Top Gear/Grand Tour moment?

The Environmental Friendly Cars segment on the Grand Tour.

What's your favourite tribe?

Any tribe that has to do with drawing. Why a certain automotive design was made amazes me.

What's next for you? Any more books in the works?

Advanced Academic Driving , It’ll cover Space and cars and Extraterrestrial engineering.

Third book?

Will happen, not sure what yet .

Thanks to everyone involved in this collaboration!

I do apologize for keeping it short, and I hope you all enjoyed the read and the podcast. There are more posts like this coming on, stay tuned!

Meanwhile, if you missed the previous Meet The Drivetriber posts...

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