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Poland. Suburbs of Warsaw. XVII Mazowian Wrack Race. The celebration of Destruction.

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What do you know about The British Association of Anger Management? I bet, not very much. Why on hell you should know about it if you're a lawful citizen who drives peoples carrier, controls personal emotions, and is happy with own life? Or are you?

Psychologists working for this association “encourage” their clients to explode with anger and cause some destruction. In the long run, this helps relieving discomfort and contain depression. Here's how they put it: “Call centres, computer crashes, traffic jams… they can all send us berserk and anger is a difficult emotion to control. But, if you’re not tempted by sitting in a circle and talking about your feelings, you’ll be pleased to discover there is another way of dealing with your anger: destruction therapy. It’s a delicate psychological approach that puts you in touch with your feelings by getting you to smash things to smithereens.”

To put things in a very primitive and straightforward way: destruction therapy resides in taking a hammer and crashing a car. Legally and joyfully. Before that, however, you should “gift” the car with all your negative emotions, painful memories, and dark experiences. The car should be penetrated and permeated with everything “bad” you have ever kept in your head. The side mirror, for instance, may symbolize a day of being bullied at school. Thus, the only glimpse at the car should make you feel mad. Succeeded? Take the hammer then!

Destroying the car automatically makes you feel goooooood! According to the British Anger Managers: “Once you’ve done the whole process, you’ll feel happier because you’ve released something – it’s a cathartic experience.” Moreover, a chemistry takes place! Destroying the “car-aka-ultimate-evil” stimulates endocannabinoid receptors in your brain (alternatively, they can be stimulated by smoking cannabis). The brain emits nitric oxide which works as an antidepressant and... life becomes worth your active engagement again!

Let's move to my major topic now. The XVII Mazowian Wrack Race took place in Mysiadło, near Warsaw, this weekend (September 16, 2017). Hundreds of people were offroading and happily destroying their “sleepery” vehicles. Thousands of other people were happily admiring these hundreds in their causing destruction. Mates, I know what happened! A mass session of the destruction therapy in a condensed form! Everyone was engaged! Smiles, comments, applauses, screams. I bet, British Anger Managers should be impressed and envious!

Scattered by the worn tires and naked wheels, stones were flying around like dark experiences. Parts of exhausts and in-takes, bumpers and bonnets were falling all along the track like painful memories. Fuel leaks – and leaks in general – seemed to dissolve all negative emotions like an endorphine acid. The ground was shaking when cars jumped from hills – that was nothing else, but the large scale explosion of nitric oxides. In a word, everyone – pilots, mechanics, viewers – enjoyed destruction and freed themselves from the “bad” things which they have ever kept in mind. At least, for this day.

Personally, I discovered that I wouldn't drive a wrack on a track. This requires having some steel parts in the body, which I have not grown yet. Speed, cracks, bumps, shocks, drifts, roars, hits, fumes, flares, dust, turns. Not today.

As a curious observer, though, I noticed that smaller cars did much better. They were faster, more agile, and their tires survived longer on the track. Specifically, I was impressed by gray Kia Picanto with “Do not punch – gonna shoot lasers” banner on its back. One more thing which made me proud was the abundance of Mazda 323's. I counted five. Different generations and engines, but all of them were doing pretty good! My favorite was yellow-and-red BA with the same engine I have.

And yes, here you have a couple of videos:

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P.S. More on the event here: drivetribe.com/p/mazdas-323-series-wrack-races-LSMmCy2yTS2zBGt4Tt1JFQ?iid=dEOIo548Q_SG1hlGfQ2kiw

P.P.S. The British Association of Anger Management, Automobilklub Piaseczyński (organizers)

P.P.P.S. Matt Parsons can be reached here: www.behance.net/Matthew_Parsons_SA

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  • Amazing therapy... perhaps Sebastian Vettel might test it.

      3 years ago
  • I learnt to drive suffering anxiety crisis. It was hard to me so perhaps this kind of therapy would have been a solution.

      3 years ago
  • Having an issue with the videos on my end. Hopefully check these out later. I am not sure how I feel about this whole concept of smashing cars. 🤔 That aside looks like the event is fun!

      3 years ago
    • Hope videos work. They're worth it!

      I don't like smashing cars either. They're masterpieces of engineering. However, if there exists an alternative "junk yard" or "wrack race & junk yard," the second looks more attractive.

      Apart from...

      Read more
        3 years ago
    • In the U.S. many of the cars from the 80's were destroyed by completely crushing them. Most of these cars were not generally great cars, but it is hard to find people who own them now because yhe parts are extremely hard to find. I met one guy who...

      Read more
        3 years ago