Mugen betters the Honda Civic Type R by making it look even more outrageous

The rear deserves your gaze

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The descendants will better the work of their predecessors. That’s how the common belief system works. So, if Mugen Motorsports, a tuner company started by the son of the founder of Honda, has come out with its derivative of the Civic Type R, doesn’t it automatically get perceived as better?

In this case, when I say better, I mean significantly enhanced. Because if you are one of those people who though the standard Civic Type R could’ve looked more mental, then this Mugen Civic Type R is definitely for you.

It appears as if Mugen took a page out of Mansory’s book, especially when one looks at the rear. Starting with the more pronounced and blacked-out spoiler which gets incorporated right above the darkened tail lamp unit. The trio exhaust setup on the standard car makes way for more aggressive-looking dual pipes. And the tweaked bumper here appears to be hiding a devil behind it with only its fingernails clutching the edges.

The front end is a lot more subtle in terms of upgrades. Starting with the grille which gets a carbon fibre infusion. The bumpers also get a tweaked look while the front splitter now comes in body colour. The side skirts have also been worked up, and Mugen also offers a set of Type R-specific 20-inch rims with their package.

Not all these upgrades are cosmetic-centric. Some have been designed to increase operational efficiency as well. For instance, the wing can be adjusted in four ways while a fibreglass option is also available if you can’t invest on a carbon wing. Reports suggest even the vented hood sees a tweak which now comes with an escape route for the water to get drained out without entering the engine.

Inside, one can add a couple of sporty touches to increase the performance appeal of the car. A sport steering wheel with carbon on top-bottom and leather on the sides is up for offer. A set of Alcantara sports seats is also available along with a couple of options for the floor mats, gear knobs and Mugen badges. Lastly, the gear shifter can also be replaced for performance-oriented one, optimised for shorter and quicker shifts.

And if you were waiting all this while to read about the engine upgrades, bummer! There aren’t any. It carries the same 2.0-litre VTEC engine producing 306hp and 400Nm of torques.

So, in essence, Mugen is offering a cosmetic upgrade kit, aimed to improve the outrageous looks of the Civic Type R, and I don’t see anything wrong with it. Going by the common belief system as mentioned above, the boys from Mugen did improve or enhance the exteriors by making it even more outrageous. If you want a sober-looking Type R, buy a standard Civic.

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  • Raw Rice just attained the full-on sushi avatar 😂

      9 days ago
  • What’s sad is that if the Civic R looked respectable, I’d buy one tomorrow. But as a middle aged boss, I can’t imagine the hell id catch driving a midlife crisis on wheels.

      5 days ago
  • It was rice now its super ric

      8 days ago
  • Thanks god they made this now I can say that the standard type r isnt crazy😂

      7 days ago
    • Hahaha, I think they made it exactly for that purpose. To make the standard car seem less crazy

        6 days ago
  • I’m doing this to my civic, hands down

      2 days ago