Mugen unveils its tuned version of Honda S660

This kei car has been modified to look more like a mini-roadster, but is it worth purchasing?

A 'kei' car in Japan is one which is very small and which we usually like to call an 'ultramini'. These cars have been successful in Japan, with seven of the 10 top-selling models in 2018 being 'kei cars.

These cars are usually slow and look too bubbly to even be considered as designed by humans; however, recently a tuning company called Mugen has unveiled a tuned version of the S660 'kei' car, and it looks like a slightly shrunken Vauxhall V220, which is not a bad thing.

Surprisingly, Mugen has not changed anything related to the 660cc engine - it still produces a mere 63bhp - and has focused solely on tuning the car's looks; for example, the Mugen-tuned S660 has a new set of bumpers and side skirts are made from vacuum-formed plastic, which makes it light.

Additionally, Mugen has also added a rear spoiler, a set of forged alloy wheels measuring 15in up front and 16in at the rear, new rotier exhausts, and a set of Yamaha performance dampers for sharper handling.

The overall price for this small mid-engined car is £20,000, which in my opinion is too much considering that you are paying for a car that only people in Guatemala can fit into, and which is less powerful than a lawnmower.

However, I will admit that it does feel like it's got potential to become a good sport city car, although if you want a real small racer, I still suggest you spend your money on a used Vauxhall V220 instead.

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  • Not bad, I like it. Kei cars do serve a purpose in Japan as they're not focused on speed and power but instead on low running costs. I think they have free road tax and much cheaper insurance or something like that there.

      1 month ago