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Mulliner Visualiser: Bentley's ultimate and exclusive car configurator

Bad news - It's not available to the general public

7w ago

Have you walked into a Bentley dealership and thought "gee, I would never want any of these boring, common-man Continentals". Well, you are in luck as Bentley has launched the Mulliner Visualiser, a digital application that allows potential customers to spec their dream vehicle. The possibilities are endless and the graphics are simply next level. However, this holy grail of car configurators is only accessible via your local Bentley dealership for serious buyers.

For those unaware, Mulliner started life as an independent coachbuilding company but has been Bentley's personalisation department since 1959. This special configurator features 26 Mulliner-exclusive paints to complement the 62 already available colours. One of these elegant paints include Oxford Blue, which was first introduced during the 1960s and remains today as one of Bentley's darkest blues. Other fine colours include Viridian, Snow Quartz and Extreme Silver Satin, each of which have a unique finish.

Viridian is said to be a modern take on British Racing Green and features flecks of amber and gold whilst Snow Quartz is a three-layer pearlescent paint. Whoever you are, Mulliner has you covered. If the vast array of available paints cannot satisfy your imagination, Bentley will reproduce any colour you want using their "innovative colour recognition software".

The sky is the limit when it comes to personalising a Mulliner-spec Bentley's interior. Hide colour, quilting, stitching type, stitching colour, veneer and trim pieces can all be specified to your needs. Piano painted veneers have also been recently introduced to carry the exterior colour and mood into the cabin. Though the Mulliner Visualiser configurator is not available online, you can still spec a Mulliner Bentley Continental GT V8 by clicking here or at the bottom of the article.

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