#mumwithdreams #realdesperatehousewife #topgear #thegrandtour #amazonshitcarshow #richardhammond #jamesmay #jeremyclarkson ....so here goes...hi, I'm very new to this so no idea if this will work or if anyone is likely to even read this...My knowledge of cars is fairly limited as is probably in fact my driving skills in general. I think I am a fairly normal/good driver however my family and friends differ in this opinion and tend to describe me as a rally driver. I'm okay on the open road and even enjoy the Spanish mountain roads where I live. However I'm horrendously nervous In heavy traffic, I avoid it at all costs. I cannot reverse park to save my life and can't exactly say I'm good in reverse lol! However I'm definitely a trier and this year am determined to learn more about the cars that fascinate me and how to discover a stronger more relaxed love of driving in a variety of situations.
I want to become a better driver, learn more skills and give a huge Up Yours to those people who have no faith in me.
I currently drive a 2017 Dacia Sandero ( hot eh lol)..we did manage to splash out on the stereo and air conditioning package as extra. God I need something to drown out the constant arguing and fighting of my daughter's.
Our other car is a 2002 Kia Carnival which I've had since just before Christmas and only driven once , I'm really scared of the fact that the handbrake is actually another foot pedal and so have been avoiding driving it like the plague. Also being a predominantly small car driver the extra nose and tail does concern me too . I will be brave and learn to love my bigger baby
Although I really like nice cars I don't exactly get a chance to try them out
I am an avid top gear and now the grand tour fan which is mainly responsible for my intrigue and love of motoring of different types. Mainly I would love to at least be able to do some of the thing I watch on these programs at least reasonably successfully.
I do like some of the super cars they test and use for a. variety of things although tend to go for looks and how cute a car is rather than what they say - because I've never actually experienced the differences myself I go for the cute ones the ones that look nice, pretty and not odd or ugly. I suppose if I'd ever actually tried any I may have a different opinion. If the car isn't cute I simply can't bring
myself to like it.
Porsche s however I do find myself very attracted to and Aston Martin s - although usually the smaller , older ones.
I like the classics. I tend to like old small sports cars and it is my dream to own one.
My ultimate dream is to own a small old Mg sports car preferably 1977....who knows maybe one Day!?!- even just to get to try one out would be unbelievable.
I would love to give rally driving and off roading a try although not 100% sure whether my nerves would hold
out lol
I'd love to learn skills to not only make me a better driver but finally give people a reason to say wow!
A lifelong dream would be to participate or attend a challenge with the grand tour ( hardly think I'm the only one ). It's something I'd give my right arm for and would give literally anything a try no matter how terrifying or stupid.
Who knows maybe over the coming year I can find as few ways of challenging myself. I'll start looking into this straight away- feel free to let me know any ideas. And if I haven't bored you to death already I'll try and keep you posted... Will get my motoring thinking cap on....@thegrandtour @drivetribe @amazonshitcarshow
Ps.....photo was ready for first episode of The grand tour season 3...