Muscle Monday: 1992 Mustang

Robo-snake Monday?

14w ago

So I have a freed Foxbody Mustang, and the Viper Bridge Attack set. Given that the set is a modern reimagination of the Cobra Stunt Set, and the '92 Mustang is related to the Turbo Mustang that came with that set, I figured I'd try photographing them together.

The 2020 Art Cars rendition of the 1992 Mustang comes in a bright orange that matches the orange robo-Viper, but its graphics keep it from getting lost against the snake.

The playset is actually pretty fun to play with, although I'm not sure of the snake-tail slam launcher's ability to impart enough speed to get the cars out of the snake's mouth. Who exactly keeps making these giant robo-animals anyway and why haven't they pulled funding?

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