Muscles from Brussels: the Dream Cars exhibition of the 2019 Brussels Motor Show

This featured exhibition is a breathtaking collection of automotive legends.

2y ago

The Brussels Car Show opened it gates this Saturday, and its recurring crown jewel is the Dream Cars exhibition in Hall 1 accessible for an extra fee of 5 euros.

The hall features a consistent decoration engulfing a few dozen carefully selected luxury vehicles from classic Italian legends through rare race cars to luxury gran turismos.

The exhibition is not all the cars from these brands, each brand contributed with a few cars, but most of them prepared their own stage in the other halls, except for Porsche who also bunked in with all its cars, and prepared its own stage with its brand-specific design.

The featuring star would probably be the new 911, but the whole stage is as professional as we are used to from the brand from Stuttgart. Next to Porsche, the luxury cars of the VW Group are lined up on Dream Cars' stages, from R8 to Urus.

The other major player is the Ginion group, showcasing a wide range of vehicles starting with a classic BMW 2002 Turbo to showcase their restoration skills.

There are also reminders of their core business, BMWs (I8, the new 8 and a gran coupé concept car straight from BMW’s headquarters).

The real commoner’s bimmers are however hosted in the BMW section in Hall 7.

Hall 1 features only high-end vehicles, such as the Rolls Royce luxury vehicles and McLaren supersportcars at a dedicated Ginion stage.

This year, Mercedes is less featured throughout the whole Brussels Car Show, but that does not mean that fans of the Swabian brand should not pay a visit.

Fans of the British car industry are best served in this exhibition.

You can witness all areas of the automotive, from electric and racing Jags and a classic Invicta and a legendary E Type (with “so British” livery to advertise Autoworld’s 2019 exhibition) through McLaren and Rolls Royce to rare supercars of Noble.

There also a few exotics, like racing version of the Ford GT and Gillet, and of course a Bugatti Chiron.

I took a few dozen other photos in this hall, that I put into an article on my website, but the tip of the iceberg is always the most impressive :) . This exhibition is only one of 12 halls of the Car Show. Hence I advise to factor in a full day to witness and experience all the features and activities. The Show opened today, and will remain open until the 27th January.

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  • Thanks for taking us to the show Zold. I'll have some frites with that.

    Shared to the D_TRB USA facebook page!

      2 years ago
    • Glad you liked it, I advise to leave some space for some more snacks and deserts :)

        2 years ago
  • It looks like they definitely don't want you touching the vehicles there....

      2 years ago
    • Not in the Dreamcars section that is for sure.

      In the other areas however, its free for all. In fact I could even have the Chiron open for me last year :)

        2 years ago