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MUSTANG MACH 1 - A quick look

Just a quick look a round the Mustang Mach 1 produced by Ford.

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From the outside the car just looks incredible. Low, sleek body shape but still really aggressive. Twister orange stripes along the side and on the bonnet which are partnered up with gloss black creating a bold high contrast against the Fighter jet gray body paint. This particular Mach 1 has the Mach 1 appearance pack also giving the car the Twister orange Brembro brakes and the stripes. The big brakes are behind some gorgeous satin grey alloys which make the brakes really pop and stand out. From the front we have two very angular headlights with daytime running lights that are shaded by the huge bonnet, yet again making this car even more aggressive.

The front upper grille is finished in a high gloss black and even comes with a darkened Mustang badge on the front which personally I think looks epic. To me is it a subtle message from Ford to say this car is a bit of a dark horse? The front bumper does not have the Ford badge embossed into into as well making it look much smoother. In typical Mustang fashion the car is very chiseled and harsh. In your face and ready to race. The classic Mustang shape is still the same but the bodywork is now refined and defined making it have a extra bit of umph.


We have the Digital dash. We have the same Mustang steering wheel as seen in the others. On the steering wheel we have a Mustang button that allows you to change the exhaust mode of the car! The centre console has some machine silver switches. They have a nice hard click feel as well which is a good demonstration of firm build quality. This has all the same features that normal mustangs have inside like your navigation and DAB, air conditioning etc so much the same.

M3786 Chassis

M3786 Chassis

However we get a cool mach 1 chassis plate on the passenger side of the car. Great touch I think makes it feel like a collectible item. Which I would assume Ford motor company are hoping like with the Bullit model. Being the Mach 1 there are also some other little bits inside like the orange on the seats and you get and illuminating Mach 1 does sill. The logo is cool and has like a chequered pattern to it almost like a start finish straight which is just awesome. Built to race.


Because of the attention to detail throughout the car. It also sounds amazing with the 5.0L V8 engine. Which is no couch potatoe putting out 460ps and if you can drive properly this means you can also have a lot of slide-ways action. Who doesn't want to do that whilst roaring the V8? I would like this car more if it had the Recaros but hey not my car. I love the aggression from the car in every element and the drive with Fords Magne ride suspension this is a very capable machine.


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