Mustangs... what is so good about them?

You may be asking that question but I will be answering!

3y ago

This type of car is for people who like having a bit of fun with their cars. This car specifically is more of like a roller coaster, you go fast, you turn, you have smoke flying around and you look good. The main purpose is not to wake up their neighbours (Well partly) It's basically a cheap roller coaster with a lot of fashion. You may be thinking 'It's probably not cheap' and I agree it's not cheap. But compared to a roller coaster, It is very cheap with prices basing from an average 33,390$ Specifically talking to the Ford Mustang GT. So what, It's just a roller coaster I can go to a theme park. First of all It's a lot better than one because it looks better, I mean just look at it... It's a cool kid car people WILL look at you I Mean come on, It's better than your dad's old Ford Fiesta... Anyway, lets not get too carried away. It's also more thrilling to ride as it is loud, if you drift it creates smoke really well. Just the Ideal budget cool car, the electronics all work for example, the Sat Navigation works better than most cars and they feel extremely comfortable to drive despite the drifting and stuff. They are very customizable as most car parts fit with them.

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