MV Agusta 'Rush' 1000

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Only a few days after announcing their all-new Brutale 1000 model, MV Agusta has revealed this limited-edition 'Rush' version.

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It uses the same beastly 212 horsepower inline-four engine from the Brutale, with titanium conrods helping it achieve that level of power and class-leading torque. The engine has eight injectors, a mix of Mikuno and Magnet-Marelli units spraying fuel into the engine and the gasses are ejected via a fully titanium SC Project exhaust system.

There's carbon fibre and CNC machine aluminium all around, as well as top-level Ohlins electronic forks and Brembo fitments. That striking rear wheel has also been designed with aerodynamics in mind.

The 'Rush' has the same all-new LCD dash from the Brutale, together with electronic suite and up/down shifter.

Prices are yet to be announced and numbers will be limited.

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  • It's turning out to be one heckuva good year for new bikes! Eagerly waiting some test ride articles!

    7 days ago
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