MV Agusta Superveloce: Best new bike of 2020, or an old one playing dress up?

If MV Agusta is one this, they are absolutely beautiful, but is that enough? In the case of the new Superveloce, I say nothing else matters.

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MV Agusta has a long, and interesting history. It spans decades, many race wins, Royalty, bankruptcy, rebirth, and even helicopter manufacturing. Always producing exotic machines with incredible performance. But for many, the first thing they think of when they hear the brand name is how beautifully designed they are. Pure motorized art.

This all came at a cost though. Not only are they normally more expensive then their Japanese rivals in the class, even if the bikes come with top tier suspension and brakes, but the bikes often are thought of as hard to live with. People talk about ergonomic issues, reliability problems, spotty dealer networks, poor fuel mapping and high running costs. This storm of negativity can turn many perspective buyers off. I wonder how many people started out wanting to buy an MV Agusta, but got lost along the way and ended up buying a Ducati.

Many years ago, MV released the F4 line of bikes. They were aimed at the middle weight streetbike class. There was a range of models and specs. Really something for everyone. 675cc up to 800cc. Most reviews stated that the bikes were a huge leap forward for MV Agusta, sales were decent. At this point in the market the range is due for an update. For no other reason then most customers are demanding progress and want to latest and greatest technology.

So what did MV Agusta do for 2020? Changed the body work on the F3, and called it the Superveloce. That is basically it, a face lift. Same frame, suspension and 150 horsepower engine. For most brands that would amount to phoning it in. Many would start speculating about how the company might lack the resources to keep pace in the market. Those people are flat out wrong. While this is a bold move for MV Agusta, it is absolutely what they should be doing.

At this point there is a quite, but growing number of motorcycle riders that understand that the machines are vastly superior in terms of performance then what can actually be used on the open road. Sure there are buyers that want the best track weapon, and they are well catered too. But what about the person that wants a passionate street bike? What currently evokes an unparalleled desire? Not the big four in Japan.

To me, this new redesign of the F3 to create the Superveloce is the best looking modern motorcycle. It pushes the bar to a whole new level. Sure it is expensive, and comes with all the downsides previously mentioned. In the past the style was able to push some over the edge. It was beautiful enough to temp buyers in to dealing with the negatives. This Superveloce is so good looking that the negatives simply do not matter any more. If you are into motorcycles for passion and experience, this must be on your short list. It is both more expensive then they F3 and a much better deal at the same time.

Just poor over the amazing details of this retro, yet modern take on a motorcycle. Get lost in the details, and then claim you would not want on. Imagine arriving at any destination and seeing the bystanders reaction. Even people that know nothing about motorcycles will understand the desirability.

Please feel free to tell me I am wrong in the comments, I will wait...

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  • I agree. I am a long time Yamaha fan, and really, really like their modern twins and triples. A real shame they are so damn ugly. I need an MV.

      8 months ago