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Starting a blacked out look on the MX-5 ND with some LED turn signals for the fenders

2w ago


We decided to get a full-on blacked out look for the MX-5 ND. We started with something fairly easy to get and to install... LED turn signals.

We got the black ones for the 1.5 gloss black ND. The white ones are for the Soul Crytal Red 2.0 ND.

We got the black ones for the 1.5 gloss black ND. The white ones are for the Soul Crytal Red 2.0 ND.

They're not pricey. You can find them from different vendors (at different prices) but I suspect they're all the same. The build quality is pretty good. The plastic seems to have the same density and flexibility than the OEM ones.

Fun fact : Did you know that this particular part is around since 2009!! They're the same turn signals on the fenders of the facelifted RX-8! Truly, Mazda are champions in recycling parts and designs!


Well, it's pretty easy, under 3 minutes on each side without sweating.

You'll need :

- 1 Mazda MX-5 ND

- 1 pair of hands (preferably 2 pairs)

- 1 small flathead screwdriver

- 1 cloth

Step 1

Turn the wheel to free the space. You will have to remove those 3 push-on pins. Use the flathead screwdriver to lift the center of the pin (not completely... Just a bit less than 1cm) and gently pull the whole pin out. DON'T TOUCH THE BOTTOM ONE!

Step 2

Once you removed all 3, pull gently on the plastic, just enough to get you hand in there.

While you're there... A bit of TLC never hurts... Use the cloth to remove any dirt between the metal fender and the plastic.

Step 3

With your index finger, feel the turn signal to find the thing highlighted below and press it. At the same push out the turn signal.

Step 4

Once the turn signal is out, use your screwdriver to lift the black pin in the housing and pull the turn signal out.

Last steps

Plug the new turn signal. Push it back in. Put the plastic back correctly (be careful with the top of the part that needs to be inside of the fender). Put back the push-ons. And... VOILA!


Useful information

For those of you interested in getting those turn signals, you can find them with Carbon Miata : here or : here

If you want to check the other (pretty useless) mods we installed on the car, you can read the other article here

Bumps and comments are always welcomed! If you have those little mods on your MX-5, please don't hesitate to share pictures with us! :)

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