MX-5 story : 1 year-old and still shining!

For its first birthday, it was time for some detailing! New ceramic coating and some slow and careful polishing

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This article is a follow up on the story about turning a ND MX-5 into KITT. You can read the previous part here.

So after getting the carbon-kevlar parts painted, I took a closer look at the paint job. I must admit I was pretty disappointed. The paint has excess paint (or varnish) all over, causing a wavy effect on the bonnet and the trunk. At first, I dismissed it, I thought it was due to the texture of the carbon-kevlar parts... But! The same ripples in the paint was on the rear bumper they painted. It had little to do with the parts, and more to do with the quality of the work. In addition of charging me 200€ more over the the initial quote (because of the bumper), they managed to break one of the license plate lights housing (and not telling me)

The detailer guy has to put some blue tape... I'll order the replacement part from Mazda next week

The detailer guy has to put some blue tape... I'll order the replacement part from Mazda next week

Speaking of going over budget... If you consider the idea of installing a carbon fiber bonnet on your MX-5, be advised you will need a extra pair of gaskets and a pair of rubber thingies. Adding an extra 100€ to the mix (references are below for those of you interested)

So with my satisfaction at 90% (the paint job is still nice, the broken housing is not that big of a deal, and once the gaskets are in place, you feel better), it was time to correct things a bit!

One year ago (when the car rolled out of the dealership), the car received a ceramic coating, it was time to remove what was left of the coating and having a new one applied! The great thing about a detailer with OCD, the guy will spend any amount of time to get the car right!

So I hoped he could correct the botch job the body shop did on the varnish... And he DID after 12 hours of work on the exterior!!!! See for yourself :

It's even crazier in the sun!

The "little" booty is looking so cool! It has a bit of the Jaguar F-type look while being its own thing.

Still a bit of ripples in the paint here...

Still a bit of ripples in the paint here...

Even the interior looks once more brand new!

And the end of the day, we were super happy to get the car back in its pristine state! All in all, it cost a bit to get the carbon-kevlar and all the services around it (shipping, painting, mounting, detailing), but the result was worth it! Here's a rundown of the cost :

OEM hood for ND MX-5 (Carbon-Kevlar) : 685 USD

Recessed Trunk for ND MX-5 (Carbon-Kevlar) : 515 USD

Chrome Original Miata Logo (Version 1) (Black) : 30 USD

Shipping of the parts from Shanghai to Belgium : 850 USD

VAT and import taxes : 585 EUR

Painting and mounting : 500 EUR + 180 EUR (for the painting and mending of the bumper)

Original parts from Mazda (Gaskets and rubbers) : 120 EUR

Detailing with Gyeon One ceramic coating : 650 EUR

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Comments (2)

  • Looks great but does the look justify the cost ?

      3 months ago
    • We'll see this autumn if the doesn't get any chestnut related damages, then... almost

        3 months ago