Mx5s, I've owned a few.

2y ago


91 V-Special 1600cc. Owned from summer 2011 and still on the fleet.

Title image and this are my first ever MX5 that I still own. The one that started it all back in 2011 with an impulse buy off eBay. Started out as a standard(ish) 91 V-Spec, now a supercharged car used extensively in speed events like Hillclimbs and Sprints. Still road legal. I could write a lot about this car, one day I will, not today.

99 10TH Anniversary.

Next up was this 99 MK2 10th Anniversary. It was my wife's and she upgraded to a MK3 Sport. I felt it was too good to let go.....

..... so I bought it off her and ran it for a few months over the summer of 2015. I sold it because at the time I had too many cars. A big regret. While I prefer the looks of the MK1 MX5 inside and out I feel this model and the Identical specification JDM RS's are probably the best driving of all the factory MX5s until the ND came along.

94 VR Ltd 1800cc. It was too cheap to turn down.

Then there was this little beauty. It came up for sale with a collection of spares on the forum. It was too cheap not to buy it and I enjoyed a summer of running around in it and a long weekend trip to wales with some fellow MX5 friends to carve up the Welsh mountains.

I sold the VR Ltd a few months back as I'd bought an Offroader to play with (Suzuki Jimny in case you were interested) and yet again the fleet needed thinning down.

2006 Sport 2000cc

Which brings me onto my most recent MX5 purchase, a 2006 2.0 Sport. You see while I've owned these MX5s theres always been a daily driver on the fleet. These have taken the form of an MG ZT CDTi, an FN2 Civic TypeR and a Skoda Yeti TDi. It occurred to me however that I rather obviously really like driving MX5s and I should just run one as a daily. So the Yeti went and the MK3 was in.

I've spent a bit on mods like lowering springs, wheels etc and I'm super chuffed with it. I'll write some more about this one at some point to.

I suppose I also ought to mention the other three MX5s in my life.

Max5 1600cc Racer

This other green MX5 is a MAX5 spec race car I co-own with my good friend Roger. We take it in turns to race it in the MAX5 championship when funds allow. Which is hardly ever, but it's there when we need it.

This car makes my pants fizz.

This nutty thing is the Skuzzle Motorsport 300BHP Turbo Aero Monster in which I also have a stake. The three of us use it for Endurance Racing and most recently failed to complete the 1000KM Race Of Remembrance at Anglesey after rod number 3 decided to Foxtrot Oscar via the side of the block. Most inconveniant.

Mrs Horne also has a 2006 2.0 Sport, we're cute like that.

Finally we have Mrs Horne's MX5, yes she also has a MK3 2.0 Sport. Here's a picture of me taking it apart to change the thermostat.

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